Black Book (Brian Bolland’s…)

    (Eclipse, 1985)
™ and ©1985 Brian Bolland

This one-shot presents colorized versions of two Bolland-illustrated stories. Originally published in black and white in England, these tales show us the early work of the artist responsible for the distinctive look of Batman: The Killing Joke. In the first story, residents of a Serbian town kill a vampire that has been preying on the locals. But did the vampire really die or does the carnival that rolls into town years later have some dark connection to him? The second story introduces a dark priest who is bringing down a plague on his town. It seems he has found a need for zombies, but needs a supply of bodies to work with. These stories are very much in the style of the EC line of horror comics.

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 Steve Moore, Steve ParkhouseBrian Bolland, Trevor Goring