Beetlejuice: Elliot Mess and the Unwashables

 BEMU   (Harvey, 1992)

™ and ©1992 The Geffen Film Company
Issue #1 is called "Beetlejuice: Crimebusters on the Haunt" in the indicia.

Everything’s topsy-turvy in the Neitherworld! The normally deadbeat Beetlejuice, having stopped the evil Clean-Up gang, is hailed as a hero, while his goody-two-shoes brother Donny seems to be the mastermind behind the gang’s scrubspree. Beetle doesn’t much like being a good guy, and recruits the help of his living friend Lydia to try to figure out what’s really happening. Together they discover that Donny was framed. But in their attempt to save Beetle’s brother from being banished to the horrible Sandworm Land, all three are sentenced to life imprisonment (make that death imprisonment) at escape-proof Oilcatraz Island! Even if Beetlejuice can get them out of this nasty predicament, they still have to expose the real Mr. Big and prove Donny’s innocence.

This comic is based on the popular Beetlejuice cartoon, which was based on the movie of the same name. Michael Keaton had the starring role, and Winona Ryder played Lydia.

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Indicia lists #1 as“Beetlejuice: Crimebusters on the Haunt"Angelo DecesareDave Manak


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