Iron Man 2 Spotlight

 IM2R   (Marvel, 2010)

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He’s a cool exec with a heart of steel, and now Iron Man has his own the box office and in MARVEL SPOTLIGHT! Our first Iron Man SPOTLIGHT was a huge hit—and with another movie starring Robert Downey Jr. due in May 2010, we’ve got another installment coming your way. Aside from our marvelous movie coverage, we’ll catch up with the INVINCIBLE IRON MAN team of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca, take a look at Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s “Extremis,” and fill you in on all things Whiplash! Who is he, and what’s he got in store for ol’ Shellhead in comics and at the movies?

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 John Rhett Thomas, Chris Arrant, Jess Harrold, Dugan Trodglen