Mort Grim

 MOR1   (AdHouse, 2005)

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This is a small graphic novel done in almost pantomime style save for a few frames of dialogue near the middle and some near the end of the story. It concerns the adventures of a modern day grim reaper (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Marvelís Ghost Rider) as he goes on his day-to-day business of causing tragic automobile accidents on the nationís highways. As Rebecca Berossian of Communication Arts Magazine exclaims, itís ďstrong, graphic, dynamicĒ!

ó Mark Arnold

From the Comics Buyerís Guide:

As has been true of nearly every release from AdHouse, credit is due to production designer (and publisher) Chris Pitzer as much as to the creators themselves. Mort Grim is a slickly produced comic, one that uses no color save hues of yellow, a trick similar to one that Pitzer has used with great success in the anthologies Project: Telstar and Project: Superior.

But who, or what, is Mort Grim? Itís hard to tell from this simply told and quickly read story, but perhaps itís best described as part Ghost Rider, part Grim Reaper, with the rest to be determined. Although when this might be determined is unknown, since this appears to be a stand-alone novella.

Creator Doug Fraser uses simple lines to define his art, with stark black against white images to define his moody story. Imagine part Mike Allred, part Peter Kuper, and the rest as, well, Doug Fraser. But the story itself is a bit light, never really exploring any kind of theme, and thereís no indication of any followĖup. Itís just barely worth the price.

ó Jim Johnson

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