Shrek (Ape)

 SHRA   (Ape, 2010)

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Shrek and Donkey are constantly fighting over the toy surprises in the cereal box. Thanks to a contest and buying the millionth box of “Ye Olde Crunchypants Cereal,” Shrek and Donkey are off to visit the Cereal Factory - let the adventure begin!

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 Arie Kaplan, Scott Shaw!, Jason M. Burns, Kevin FreemanChristine Larsen, Mikhail Drujic, Drew Rausch


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ca. 2010Scott Shaw!, Troy Dye, Tom Kelesides, Jim Hankins, Matt AndersonChristine Larsen, Mikhail Drujic, Rob Reilly, Robb Mommaerts


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 Jesse Leon McCann, Scott Shaw!, Russell Lissau, Matt AndersonDrew Rausch, Ramon Espinoza, Christine Larsen, Robb Mommaerts


2 copies available from $9.99
 Troy Dye, Tom Kelesides, Kevin Freeman, Scott Shaw!, Matt AndersonChristine Larsen, Drew Rausch, Ramon Espinoza, Robb Mommaerts

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Shrek: Once Upon a SlimeArie Kaplan, Jason M. Burns, Kevin Freeman, Troy Dye, Tom Kelesides, Jim Han