Pi: The Book of Ants

    (Artisan, 1998)
ô and © Artisan Entertainment

In a possible first in the love affair between comics and Hollywood, a respected director has adapted his own film into a comic book. The director is Darren Aronofsky, his film the quirky but critically acclaimed Pi.

Renegade math genius Maximilian Cohen is on the verge of solving the problem that has been his lifeís work. For a decade, he as been struggling to decode the ultimate system of ordered chaos: the Stock Market. His goal is within armís reach, but at what cost? Max has alienated his family, friends, possible lovers, and anyone else who may divert him from his all-consuming task. That is, until by chance he meets Lenny Meyer, a Jewish mathematician who teaches him the numerical secrets of the Kabbalah. But ultimately, will this new information finally bring success or lead only to disaster?

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Based on movieDarren AronofskyEdward Ross Flynn