Iron Man: Kiss And Kill

 IMKK   (Marvel, 2010)

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(from the publisher)

Heís got the tux. Heís got the tech. Heís got the babes. But heíll leave the martini, thank you very much. Tony Stark gets his spy on in these two twisty tales of espionage and international intrigue. First, Joe Ahearne (FANTASTIC FOUR) and Brian Ching (Star Wars) show you why the Black Widow is an Iron Manís best friend when Tony has to go undercover to take down a foe using his own decommissioned tech! Then, Karl Kesel (MARVEL APES) and Eric Nguyen (HALO: BLOODLINE) take you behind the velvet rope when Tony infiltrates the Hellfire Club to help out a wayward thief. Good thing heís got Wolverine to back him up! Wait, no, thatís not going to end well...

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 Joe Ahearne, Karl KeselBrian Ching, Eric Nguyen