Vesper (Mini-Series)

    (Acetylene, 1996-2000)

A frustrated individual has had enough of all the failings of the justice system in this series by John LaFleur and Hannibal King. Tired of seeing countless criminals go without punishment for their crimes, this person embarks on a crusade of vigilantism, delivering more violent and punitive forms of after-hours justice to criminals than the system will allow.

And frustrated fans have probably had enough of this concept.

Vesper tells a story that has been told and retold for far too long and far too many times, not just in comics, but other entertainment venues, as well. This time, the protagonist is Sabina Reeves, a cop who witnesses bad guys escape justice on a daily basis. Vesper is her costumed alter-ego who looks a lot like The Huntress, a DC super-heroine who is already a derivative character.

This is not to say the issue is bad, by any means, but it’s so incredibly — average. Something fresh needs to be added to such a stale idea to make the story more worthwhile. The other characters all look as if they’re straight from various early Image titles, and the dialogue contains no clever witticisms or catchy lines. King’s art is more than competent, but not breathtaking.

Fans who can’t get enough of this whole vigilante idea will probably find this series enjoyable but would do better to continue buying Batman or The Punisher.

— Jim Johnson

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B&W; ca. 1997John LaFleurChris DiBari


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B&W; ca. 1999John LaFleurChris DiBari


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B&W; ca. 1999John LaFleurChris DiBari, Jason Walker


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B&W; ca. 2000John LaFleurAndy Bradshaw, Chris DiBari, Hannibal King, Jason Walker

Ashcan #1

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B&W; ca. 1996John LaFleurChris DiBari