Wolverine: The Reckoning

 WUPB   (Marvel, 2010)

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His final confrontation with Romulus on the horizon, Wolverine reaches out to a friend to help him put to rest one of the greatest tragedies of his long, long life-the death of Mariko Yashida. And in DARK WOLVERINE, Dakenís moment finally arrives. In one fell swoop, Daken plans to both destroy his father and achieve his destiny. The streets of Ankara run red with blood as Daken faces off against...Romulus! Collecting WOLVERINE ORIGINS #46-50 and DARK WOLVERINE #85-87.

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Book #1 Hardcover

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Collects Wolverine Origins #46-50 and Dark Wolverine #85-87Daniel Way, Marjorie LiuScot Eaton, Stephen Segovia