Iron Man: Titanium

 IRMT   (Marvel, 2010)

ô and © 2010 Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Presenting four all-new titanic tales of the Golden Avenger! Fan-faves Adam Warren and Salva Espin bring the Titanium Man out of retirement...but is Tony Stark ready for the shocking upgrade a pint-sized hackerís given his old foe? PLUS! Pepper Potts gets put through the wringer with a literally killer commute! Can Tony and Maria Hill stop fighting each other long enough to stop Ultimo from trashing Arizona?! And will Tonyís college reunion turn into a free-for-all when a spiteful classmate hijacks his armor?!? Itís thrills and thrusters in the Mighty Marvel style!!

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 Adam Warren, Mark Haven Britt, Matteo Casali, Tim FishSalva Espin, Nuno Plati, Steve Kurth, Filipe Andrade