Massive Awesome!

    (215 Ink, 2010-2011)
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From Stephen Lindsay, the creator of Jesus Hates Zombies and Lincoln Hates Werewolves, comes Massive Awesome!, the story of two best friends - Commando Bacon and Zombie Pickle - as they try to unravel the mystery of who is attempting to destroy their lives. Ninjas, Giant Robots, Shadowy Government Figures, Scottish Lucadores, and insatiable appetites for destruction are but a few things standing in their way.

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1 copy available for $2.99
ca. 2009Stephen LindsayDaniel Thollin, Rolf Lejdegard


1 copy available for $4.99
 Stephen LindsayDaniel Thollin


No copies available
 Stephen LindsayCharlie Layton


1 copy available for $1.99
 Stephen LindsayFabrício Bohrer