Crossed 3D

 CSET   (Avatar, 2010)

and Avatar Press, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Some horrors have to be seen to be believed, and writer David Lapham delivers a shocking tale of Crossed in New York City! Every panel explodes off the page with hyper-detailed art by Gianluca (Ignition City, Wolfskin) Pagliarani and colors by Digikore.

When one of the last surviving human Doctors gets trapped in a New York skyscraper, S.W.A.T. veteran Lt. Hunt MacAvoy must assemble and arm a rag-tag group of handymen to go on a rescue mission of madness - right into a city of millions of Crossed!

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 David LaphamGianluca Pagliarani

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 David LaphamGianluca Pagliarani