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The New York Times-bestselling World War II zombie series FUBAR returns with an all-new summer one-shot format! Containing 4 short stories, this 32 pager features old-school Zombie-Nazi smashing action! If you’re new to FUBAR, now’s the perfect time to jump on board!

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#1 (2nd printing)

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Free Comic Book Day #2013

4 copies available from $0.90
Free Comic Book Day 2013Steve Becker, Shawn Aldridge, Jeff McClelland, Michael McDermott, Chuck DixonJeff McComsey, Chris Peterson, Reine Rosenberg, Christine Larsen, Jason Copland

Free Comic Book Day #2014

3 copies available from $0.80
Free Comic Book Day 2014Chuck Dixon, Chad LambertJeff McComsey, Steve Becker

Summer Special #1

1 copy available for $34.99
Published by Fubar Press; B&W; ca. 2012Chuck Dixon, Jeff McClelland, Timothy Truman, Michael McDermottJeff McComsey, Leonardo Pietro, Jim McMunn, Lonny Chant, Aluisio Cervelle Santos

Winter Special #1

2 copies available from $9.00
Winter Special 2013Chuck Dixon, Jeff McClelland, Daniel Moser, Jeff McComseyJeff McComsey, Daniel Thollin, Lauren Monardo, Maysam Barza, Steve Becker