Children of the Voyager

    (Marvel UK, 1993)
Marvel UK

Sam McPherson was adopted as a child and spent his life feeling like an outsider. Given to bouts of melancholy, he’d learned to drown those sorrows in hard work and turn his nightmares into stories. In such a fashion, Sam had become one of the most promising horror writers of the day.

Sam is having nightmares again. But these nightmares are far more terrifying than any he has ever had before. They follow him into his waking hours, causing him to hallucinate in the back of cabs or while he watches TV. He can’t work, and he’s afraid to sleep. His new book is critically behind schedule and his girlfriend has left him. Still the nightmares continue.

In them, Sam is the child of an alien visitor, who wanted to experience human life in all its forms. To do this, he spread his children throughout history—later reabsorbing them into himself. Now, it appears, it’s Sam’s turn.

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