Heart Transplant

 HOZ3   (Dark Horse, 2010)

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For more than three decades, best-selling author Andrew Vachss has battled the lowest bullies: child abusers. In his law practice, he’s represented children and youth exclusively. As art director for King Features for two decades, Frank Caruso has developed a style that speaks to all ages, for all ages. The two are now joining forces to attack school bullying. Universally decried, bemoaned, and condemned. And on the rise. Heart Transplant is aimed at radically changing the way we deal with this most critical issue. The anchoring essay-by clinical social worker Zak Mucha-explains in detail what the reader has experienced…and why that experience could change our world.

Dr. Joel Dvoskin, President of the American Psychological Association’s Law Society division, says, “This gripping story gives kids and grownups alike a road map to change, both for individual kids and more importantly, for the school as a community…This book should be required reading in every elementary school in America.”

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