Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer

 VER7   (Vertigo, 2010)

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(from the publisher)

Four of the industry’s biggest stars take on John Constantine in two hard-to-find 2-part stories! First up reprints HELLBLAZER #57 and #58 - the long out-of-print tale from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s (PREACHER) character-defining as Constantine and Chas confront some very macabre tests on human cadavers. Next is a story from HELLBLAZER #245 and #246 by new superstars Jason Aaron (SCALPED) and Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) following a doomed documentary crew exploring the mystery behind what happened to Mucous Membrane - Constantine’s former punk band.

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Reprints Hellblazer #54, 57, 245, 246Garth Ennis, Jason AaronSteve Dillon, Sean Murphy