Uncle Slam & Fire Dog

    (Action Planet, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Ande Parks

America needed a hero, a warrior, to lift its spirit in time of war. And so, thanks to the efforts of science and a patriotic volunteer, the legendary hero known as Captain…er, Uncle Slam was born. Unfortunately, Uncle Slam has a couple of flaws, thanks to a sinister bomb attack. First, there’s a gaping hole in his head where one of his eyes should be, and second, mentally, he’s not quite all there. Fortunately he’s got help in that department from Fire Dog, his robot sidekick, who as enough brains for both of them in the battle against injustice.

As Uncle Slam tries to fight for the American Way, Fire Dog tries to keep him from suffering any further damage—and just maybe, returning him to what he once was. Lighthearted and witty, this mini-series is published in black-and-white by Action Planet.

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