Spider-Man Unlimited (3rd Series)

 SMU3   (Marvel, 2004-2006)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

A new, bi-monthly Spider-Man comic book may seem unnecessary, but the format, at least so far, is a welcome change from most other titles being published today. Like countless Silver Age comics of yore, Spider-Man Unlimited features two Done in One stories, both of which are easy to get into and easy to enjoy.

“Human Interest” is a touching, deftly told tale that fans of Roger Stern’s classic “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” (Amazing Spider-Man #248, Jan 84) will appreciate. Spidey doesn’t reveal his secret identity to the terminally ill child this time around (as he did in the Stern story), but he does give the little girl the thrill of a lifetime. The story is elegant in its simplicity, and its surprise near the end and heartwarming resolution will bring a melancholy smile to readers’ faces. The art will appear crude to some, but it fits the overriding sadness of the story—and the girl, who is bald from chemotherapy, looks charming in her little pink hat.

Switching gears from teary-eyed to tongue-in-cheek, “Slyde into Destiny?” isn’t quite a farce but it is a fun time with slickly detailed art and a healthy dose of comic relief. Equipped with a costume that is coated with a non-stick, well, coating, Slyde is a bumbling near-parody of a super-villain. He’s got a modern makeover, an inferiority complex, and an amusing brand of unwarranted cockiness.

Neither story is particularly original, but each is entertaining in its own way.

— Brett Weiss

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