Crime Smasher

 CRIS   (Fawcett, 1949)

ô and ©1948 Fawcett Publications, Inc.

Wartime Fawcett Comics hero Spy Smasher was popular enough in his heyday to rate his own movie serial, but civilian life wasnít as kind. Spy Smasher retired in Whiz Comics #76 to take up domestic duties as a hardboiled, private eye, styled Crime Smasher. He was given his own title in 1948 with Crime Smasher featured on the cover machine-gunning a fleeing crook. Despite several tales of two-fisted detective action, sleazy crooks, desperate women, and above-average illustration from the Fawcett staff, Crime Smasher didnít make it past the first issue.

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Summer 1949