Rambo III

 RAMI   (Blackthorne, 1988)

™ and © 1988 Carolco Pictures, Inc.

John Rambo is back. And he’s the Russians’ worst nightmare.

The former Vietnam Green Beret made popular by action film star Sylvester Stallone in the motion pictures First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II returns in this third part of the Rambo trilogy. This official film adaptation, published in the midst of the Cold War, details Rambo’s mission to Afghanistan to rescue his friend, Colonel Trautman from his Soviet captors. Along the way, Rambo befriends a camp of rebel freedom fighters working to drive out the Soviet occupation of their land. In addition to this black and white “Special Collector’s Edition,” Blackthorne Publishing and Carolco Pictures released Rambo III in 3—D at the same time, complete with a pair of red and green 3—D glasses.

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Movie adaptationBruce JonesCarlos Baldorado

3-D Special #1

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Movie adaptation; Blackthorne 3-D series #49Bruce JonesCarlos Baldorado