Magic: The Gathering—Nightmare

    (Armada, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Wizards of the Coast

This one-shot special concentrates on a single piece of the complex world of Magic: The Gathering. The nightmare is a fiery horse of great power, able to bring forth waves of pure fear to cut down his enemies.

After being summoned as the trump card in a war between two great sorcerers, the nightmare returned to his home plane to discover it had been laid waste. In his absence, a wizard had destroyed countless homelands, including both the nightmare’s home, as well as that of Altair of Coloni, a freeman which confronted the nightmare and asked for its aid in getting revenge. The nightmare instinctively attacked Altair, only to discover his own fears directed back at him. Altair, although apparently a normal man, was immune to the force of magic. Altair then swore his allegiance to the nightmare for ten years, in return for his help. Together, the odd pair thus rode to take on the wizard…

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 Hilary J. BaderAnthony Castrillo