Warrior Nun Areala: No Justice for Innocents

    (Antarctic, 2002)
™ and © 2002 Antarctic Press

In this one-shot, “The Judge” can’t break her habit of combating new incarnations of evil. Assisting agent O’Brien from the FBI, can she help corral a bloodthirsty murderer who is being protected by his own personal demon?

Matt was just another wayward lawyer dabbling in devil worship when he sold his soul to one of Hell’s minions. Now he is The Judge, searching for revenge on his wife’s killer and dispensing his own brand of brutal justice. However, Areala can’t sit idly by as this vigilante runs wild. But can she stop him?

Written by Gianluca Piredda and painted by Chris Gugliotti, this issue introduces a series titled No Justice for Innocents. Hopefully, the subsequent chapters will fare better, as The Fighting Nun strangely is second banana in a story reworked from The Crow. Lacking her trademark heat, Areala never really becomes much a factor, leaving fans regrettably out in the cold.

— Oliver Chin

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