Classic X-Men

    (Marvel, 1986-1990)
™ and ©1989 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

It may seem incomprehensible today, but in the early 1970s, the X-Men were a moribund group, never really scoring with readers. The introduction of a new, more exciting team of X-Men changed all that. By 1986, it was clear that the new X-Men were a major hit, if not yet the phenomenon they were by the 1990s. As such, Marvel decided the time was right to begin reprinting their adventures—sometimes in slightly modified form—beginning from their early adventures in Giant-Size X-Men #1.

This series was one of the most popular reprint titles, starting in 1986, and running for forty-five issues before changing names to X-Men Classic, and continuing until 1995. In addition to the reprints, Classic X-Men also published new backup stories starring the world’s favorite mutant team.

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 Chris Claremont, Len WeinDave Cockrum, John Bolton, Arthur Adams


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Reprints X-Men (1st Series) #94; Fron