The Lonely War of Willy Schultz

 LWO2   (Avalon, 1999)

™ and © Avalon Comics Group

It’s a cliché to say that “war is hell,” but it sure seems that way to Captain Willy Schultz, who in the midst of World War II fights a lonely, private war in which even his own allies don’t totally trust him. That’s because he was accused (falsely) of murder, convicted, and escaped, and now finds himself imprisoned by the Germans with men who don’t know what to believe. Moreover, each new day seems to bring him a new chance to be a hero…or to disappoint everyone yet again. Is wanting to merely survive no different than cowardice?

Now with the hangman’s noose behind him and war-torn Italy ahead of him, he has little choice but to survive the best he can. Sometimes it means saving lives, and sometimes, taking them. This classic war series is written by Willi Franz and drawn by Sam Glanzman, and it’s collected and reprinted here in black-and-white by ACG Comics.

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Reprints from Fightin’ Army #76; B&WWill FranzSam Glanzman


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 Will FranzSam Glanzman


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Reprints from Fightin’ Army #86, 87Will FranzSam Glanzman