Demon Hunter (Aircel)

    (Aircel, 1989)
ô and ©1989 Barry Blair

Zak Hunter had been seduced by the lure of a powerful cult as a young man, but eventually he found the determination and sense of self-worth he needed to live his own life. Unfortunately, the members of the Eye donít like to lose anyone, and heís always on the run from their assassination teams.

Hunter works for the government now, often going undercover in order to expose the darker sides of cults and phony religions. As expected, most of these groups are run by corrupt men and women seeking power through their impressionable followers. But Zak has discovered that sometimes the beings these secretive sects worship are all too real. Hounded by human fanatics, manipulated by his employers, Zak Hunter also finds himself fighting powerful and sinister demonic creatures.

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B&WBarry BlairBarry Blair


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Final issue; B&WJ.W. Somerville, Jim SomervilleJ.W. Somerville, Jim Somerville