Iron Man & Sub-Mariner

 IMSM   (Marvel, 1968)

™ and ©1967 Atlas Magazines, Inc.

This 1968 special served as a bridge between the team-up title Tales of Suspense and the Marvel’s new solo titles Iron Man and The Sub-Mariner (Vol. 2). Like Tales of Suspense, this special was divided into an Iron Man story and a Sub-Mariner story. Both stories began in the final issue of Tales of Suspense (#99) and would conclude in the debut issues of each character’s solo title.

The Iron Man tale begins with the Golden Avenger magnetically attached to a table, beneath a giant laser poised to cut him apart. It ends with an all-out war between A.I.M., the Maggia, and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Sub-Mariner tale continues a struggle between the Prince of Atlantis and the mysterious man called Destiny. In it, we discover Destiny’s origin as a circus mentalist who discovered an artifact that gave him his incredible power.

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Origin of DestinyArchie Goodwin, Roy ThomasGene Colan