Mr. Convenience

    (Digital Manga, 2011)
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(from the publisher)

When working for a convenience agency, no job is too big or too small. From changing a lightbulb to helping move furniture, itís all in a dayís work. When Chiba recives a job request by email to come and be someoneís friend, he is unexpectedly makes the aquaintance of Aki Kirigaya, a workaholic businessman. The job turns out to be far from typical, and beyond either manís expectations. Then there is Chibaís young co-worker, Miyashiro. heís used to customers thinking they can buy him rather than his handyman services, and his latest customer seems to be no different. Unlike the rest of his clients, this guy is unnervingly persistent. Whatís up with this guy? Itís the handyman special as Nase Yamatoís comedy fan favorite makes its long awaited English language debut!

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