Shop Talk (Will Eisner’s…)

    (Dark Horse, 2001)
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What is it like when one living legend interviews another? That’s what you get with this collection, which was first serialized 20 years ago in Kitchen Sink Press’ Spirit Magazine and Will Eisner’s Quarterly. Guests include a Who’s Who of the industry, including such luminaries as Neal Adams, Milton Caniff, Jack Kirby, Jack Davis, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, and Harvey Kurtzman.

As a famous creator conversing candidly with his peers, Eisner is able to draw out a wide range of stories from men who laid the foundation of 20th century American comics. Times have changed in the past 50 years, but many of their original challenges remain the same for today’s generation of aspiring artists and writers. How do you create interesting characters and relevant plots? How do you earn a living and make commercially viable business partnerships?

This is a valuable reference that charts the roller-coaster history of comics through the eyes of people who made it happen. Long before they were “immortalized,” they were simply guys like you and me who enjoyed making magnificent lines, funny chuckles, and mind-boggling tales.

— Oliver Chin

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 Will Eisner, Neal Adams, C.C. Beck, Milton Caniff, Jack Davis, Lou Fine, Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Harvey Kurtzman, Phil Seuling, Joe Simon