David’s Mighty Men

 DAMM   (Alias, 2005)

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Like David: The Shepherd’s Song from Alias, David’s Mighty Men rocks. Taking the usual approach simply isn’t in Javier Saltares’ vocabulary. Just open the book, scan a few pages, and you’ll think you’re deep in mainstream Marvel or DC land. That is just part of the beauty of the book.

If you are familiar with the story of King David, his Mighty Men are mentioned briefly. Who they are and what they did to deserve the title of “Mighty” is sketchy. Saltares jumps off from there in two stories: “Trust” and “The Giant Mole Hill.” How can four defeat 400? What happens when David and his three companions—Eleazar, Shammah, and Adino—investigate stolen grain? With help from God, this foursome is fearsome. Of the supporting cast, Samuel is not the stuffy prophet you think he might be. Hey, he even cracks a modern artillery joke. And the art just keeps the reader turning pages. David lived centuries ago, but these stories will keep the reader glued to the page to the triumphant end.

— Tim Lasiuta

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