Empty Love Stories

 EMLS   (Slave Labor, 1994, 1996)

™ and ©1994 Steve Darnall. Cover art ©1994 Alex Ross

Empty Love stories is a very wicked—and very funny satire on romance comics. Told in the breathless style that characterizes the genre, Steve Darnall brings us love stories capable of making even the most romantic reader feel like giving up on dating altogether.

In “White Trash Romance!” the trailer-trash heroine gushes about her perfect life of starchy dinners, a beer-soaked husband, and the way his fists “showed he cares” in that very special way. This charming story of spousal abuse is followed by “One of the Walking Dead!” wherein a wealthy socialite discovers the unique charms of having a rotting corpse for a boyfriend. Finally, “My Target” is a heartwarming tale of how an obsessed fan will stop at nothing to make contact with the rock star she feels sure is singing just for her on every one of his albums. Some might call her obsessed: “I…I can’t get his face out of my mind! I…I even see him in my mashed potatoes!”

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B&WSteve DarnallAlex Ross, Hilary Barta, Lenin Delsol, Paul Fricke, Scott Beaderstadt


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