Black Cat (The Origins)

    (Lorne-Harvey, 1995)
©1995 Lorne-Harvey Productions, Inc.

This attempt to resurrect the Golden Age heroine uses a two-pronged strategy, introducing a new Black Cat and spotlighting the Golden Age version. Mark Evanier and Murphy Anderson (with lettering by Shel Dorf) get the first feature, telling the story of stuntwoman Kim Stone, whose job on a Black Cat movie leads her into a crimefighting career of her own. Evanierís modern-day take on Hollywood helps give Andersonís art a contemporary feel. The black-and-white stories of original Black Cat Linda Turner, however, are pure Golden Age, complete with stock 1940s characters and painful stereotypes.

Rounding out the mixed bag of the premiere issueóbehind a Hildebrandt brothers coveróis historical material about the Harvey publishing family, a five-page Sad Sack story and the debut of Shock Gibson (millionaire Robert Gibson, imbued with electrical powers) by R.A. Jones and penciler Andrew Pepoy.

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Origin of Black Cat (Kim Stone); Reprint from Black Cat #27; Text feature on Alfred Harvey; Color and B&WMark Evanier, R.A. JonesMurphy Anderson, Lee Elias, Andrew Pepoy