Soulfire Despair (Michael Turner’s…)

    (Aspen, 2012)
™ and © 2012 Aspen MLT, Inc.

(from the publisher)

“The Search for the Light” continues as Faye, the Queen of Anantia and the magical realm of the Everlands, attempts to forge a new legacy for the absent crown left by the slain King Arlin. Staging a fierce competition between the kingdom’s greatest warriors, she is reluctantly obliged to allow the contest’s winner to take up the mantle of the lost King. But the choice between warriors, including Sarlin, the estranged and self-righteous son of Arlin, as well as a significant, mysterious person from her past, will force the kingdom’s future into a fate they may never be able to escape!

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#1 Variation A

3 copies available from $1.99
Cover A by Michael RyanDavid SchwartzJonathan Marks

#1 Variation B

2 copies available from $1.99
Cover B by Jonathan MarksDavid SchwartzJonathan Marks

#1 Variation C

No copies available
San Diego Comic Con Exclusive, Limited Edition of 500David SchwartzJonathan Marks