Horror in the West

    (Alterna, 2012)
™ and © Alterna Comics

(from the publisher)

Horror in the West is a horror anthology featuring eleven stories that combine the mysticism of the Old West with demons, zombies, aliens, and blood-curdling storytelling. A man who cannot be killed by the hangman’s noose, alien cattle-drives for human flesh, demon-slaying bounty hunters - all of these stories can be found here. Horror in the West will take you by the reins and drive you straight over the edge!

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B&W; ca. 2012Jeff Moss, Sam Agro, Phil McClorey, Ben Truman, Dan Simon, Ag Pasquella, Chris McQuid, Mike Gagnon, Fred Kennedy, Courtney JoynerSam Agro, Jeff McComsey, Kurt Belcher, Dan Simon, Brian Evinou, Chris McFann, Adam Christopher, Jason Ho, Andre Fernandes, Ron Gravelle, Antonio Brandao, Shane Heron, Adam Gorham, Marvin Law