(-Ism, 1994)
©1994 -Ism Studios, Inc.

Jebediah Doyle is a human computer with a mind capable of processing 4.2 million calculations a second. Unfortunately, with this gift comes numerous problems. Every morning from 2:00 to 5:00 the mainframe to which Doyle is connected shuts itself down, taking him with it. During this time Doyle is helpless. The other problem is the fact that GenPro Industries, the ruthless company that “configured” Doyle, is continually hunting him down, fearful that he will bring evidence of its activities to the NSA. Now he’s always on the run, taking amphetamines in order to keep going, and never being able to rest until he has shut down the mainframe once and for all.

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 Dave Gilley, Bill PattersonDave Gilley, Bill Patterson