Alien Nation: The Firstcomers

    (Adventure, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Twentieth Century Fox

The 1991 mini-series continued the science-fiction saga of Alien Nation. This story steps back in time to deal with America’s involvement with aliens in the early 1940s. This is odd because it takes place in a world where aliens live side by side with humans. Nevertheless, a reporter named Jack feels that any conspiracy is worth uncovering, so he illegally obtains top secret files that detail the government’s involvement with extraterrestrials. Jack was eventually hunted down and killed by agents seeking to retrieve the files. Before dying, however, Jack managed to pass the files to an alien “Newcomer” named Emily who then became a target herself.

However, when the G-Men came get to Emily, they were thwarted by…Jack. Maybe he wasn’t killed after all…

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