Vampire’s Prank

 VAME   (Acid Rain, 1994)

™ and ©1994 Rosearik Rikki and Tavisha Wolfgarth

Set in the same world as Vampurada, Terra Shade, the ghostly remains of the Earth after it was thrown into the Hourglass Dimension over 30,000 years ago, Vampire’s Prank focuses on a priest named Father Ratana Vaughn-Ephrem. Vaughn-Ephrem has been collecting donations for the church; however, his money basket was stolen and a red cat has suddenly appeared to taunt him and test his faith. As with Vampurada, Vampire’s Prank has dark, Gothic visuals that borrow from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Japanese horror and an atmospheric, ominous narrative reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe.

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 Rosearik RikkiTavisha Wolfgarth

#1 Variation A

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Limited to 225 copies; Signed by Wolfgarth and Rikki, Bagged with sticker price of $5.95Rosearik RikkiTavisha Wolfgarth