Judge Dredd: Raptaur

 JUDR   (Fleetway Quality, 1994)

ô and © Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

This title is a painted, prestige format series starring one of Englandís most popular heroes, Judge Dredd. As if things were not already bad enough in crime-ridden Mega-City One, a murderous monster (reminiscent of the Aliens) is roaming the streets and tearing its victims to shreds. Joe Dredd is called upon to track down the behemoth and bring it to justice. Dredd follows the trail of bodies until he actually catches the monster in the act. Unfortunately, the murderous fiend escapes, leading Judge Dredd on a complicated and deadly chase.

Raptaur was published by Fleetway/Quality comics, famous for their reprints of stories that originally appeared in Englandís 2000 A.D. comic magazine. This story originally appeared in Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 1) #11Ė17.

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