Eerie Presents Hunter

    (Dark Horse, 2012)
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(from the publisher)

Son of a mutant general and a human mother, Hunter is a half-breed warrior who fights for survival on a weird, irradiated alternate Earth. Cursed to remain apart from humanity, Hunter still protects the defenseless with the hope that mankind will someday rise from barbarism and rule again! A perfect synthesis of fantasy and science-fiction storytelling, Eerie Presents: Hunter features the artwork of Paul Neary and collects the stories of all three incarnations of the Hunter character. With a new introduction by Dark Horse Comics publisher Mike Richardson, this deluxe hardcover also includes all Hunter spot art pieces and guest appearances that ran in the original Eerie magazine run!

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#1 Hardcover

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Collects stories and illustrations of Hunter l, ll and lll from Eerie issues #52-73, 87, 101, 121 and 130.Rich Margopoulos, Bill DuBay, Budd Lewis, Jim StenstrumPaul Neary, Alex Niño, Moreno Casares, Al Sanchez