Alien Legion: Tenants of Hell

 ALTH   (Epic, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Carl Potts

When last seen in Alien Legion: On the Edge, Force Nomad had narrowly escaped death on the event horizon of a black hole. When they emerged from that astrophysical anomaly, they discovered that fifteen cycles (years) had passed by in the world outside. What awaited them on their return was a different sort of Alien Legion than the one for which they had fought all their lives.

The Alien Legion had always been a home for the galaxy’s castoffs, and Force Nomad held the worst of the lot. Nevertheless, they had always been accorded a certain hard-won respect for their willingness to face any duty, no matter how tough. Now, however, the Legion served corporate interests, and Force Nomad was quietly assigned to act as strongmen to settle a labor dispute on the planet Combine IV. Worse, they were now under the command of a sadistic general who harnessed them with stun collars, and frankly wanted them to die.

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Collect Alien Legion: Tenants of Hell #1-2 and Alien Legion: Jugger Grimrod #1Chuck DixonLarry Stroman, Mike McMahon, Alan Davis