Dark Angel (1st Series)

 DAA1   (Boneyard, 1991)

™ and © 1991 Hart D. Fisher

What happens when the all-American boy-next-door suddenly becomes a psychotic killer? He starts with the family cat…Dark Angel explores a young man’s plunge into brutal madness, as he methodically and calmly begins to murder those closest to him, before moving on to the neighbors and random strangers. He describes himself as an empty bottle, desperately needing to be filled: his body an empty shell searching for a soul. By killing others, he hopes to learn some secret at the moment of their deaths, a secret that will let him understand his own hollow existence. He hasn’t yet realized he is the earthly agent of ancient evil forces, or that an emissary of “Good” is hunting him, to kill him before he grows more powerful.

This extremely graphic series includes a backup story, Bill the Bull, a hard-nosed detective with horns like a minotaur.

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