Fubar: By The Sword

 FBTS   (Fubar, 2013)

and 2010 Jeff McComsey

(from the publisher)

This series shows what happens when FUBAR goes medieval on the walking dead with five brand-new stories of ye olde zombie-stomping madness!

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1 copy available for $2.75
B&WMatthew Smith, Chuck Dixon, Jeff McClelland, Jeff McComsey, Michael McDermottMatthew Smith, Jim McMunn, Rob Croonenborgs, Steve Willhite, Alusio Cervelle Santos


1 copy available for $2.99
 Jeff McComsey, Shawn Aldridge, Mike Imboden, Benjamin Truman, Fabian Rangel Jr.Steve Becker, Chris Peterson, Jeff McComsey, Peebo Mondia, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer