Neuromancer: The Graphic Novel

 NTGN   (Epic, 1989)

™ and © 1989 William Gibson and Byron Preiss Visual Publications

William Gibson’s 1984 Hugo and Nebula award winning novel which took science fiction to new levels and foreshadowed such films as The Matrix, gets the graphic novel treatment in an adaptation by Tom De Haven with illustrations by Bruce Jensen.

Case was a renowned interface cowboy, skilled at jacking into the matrix and plundering major corporations, until he double-crossed his employers thereby sealing his fate. His punishment—the decimation of his nervous system—forever banished him from the realms of cyberspace forcing him into a life of petty thievery and drug dealing. Then he met Molly and Armitage who offered to repair him for a price far greater than Case could have ever imagined. Now with his powers restored, Case must once again navigate the matrix, hacking security systems in a race for his life as he becomes embroiled in one of the greatest conspiracies of the 21st century.

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 Tom DeHaven, William GibsonBruce Jenson