Wolverine: Japanís Most Wanted

    (Marvel, 2014)
ô and © 2014 Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Itís the first print edition of the story previously available only in Marvelís innovative Infinite Comics format as superstar writer Jason Aaron pits Wolverine against a threat unlike any he has ever faced!

Wolverine is Public Enemy No. 1 in Japan, on the run from the authorities - and itís all Sabretoothís doing! As Wolverine clashes with the new Silver Samurai, the secret Book of the Hand stands revealed. But who is Osen, and what is her connection to both Wolverine and the Hand? As Sunfire joins the fray, Wolverine and Osen seek out the Handís First Clan. But can they put their differences aside long enough to fight their mutual foe? When Silver Samurai and his Iron Hand attack, Wolverine goes to war! Itís ninja vs. ninja, with a nationís fate in the balance!

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Book #1 Hardcover

1 copy available for $27.95
Hardcover; Collects Wolverine: Japanís Most Wanted Infinite Comic #1-13Jason AaronYves Bigerel