Tales of Hellbrandt Grimm

 TOHG   (Black Library)

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His very name suggests violence, blood, and death: Hellbrandt Grimm. Appropriately, this collection of the Old World mercenary’s brutal adventures seldom pauses to catch its breath, zipping from one battlefield to the next. Whether it be an evil wizard, an army of orcs, or a gang of ruffians, the man with the scar has the strength and resolve to fight on, and triumph.

These exceedingly dark and somewhat scary tales also have a sharp wit to them. The paperback-sized collection loses a bit of entertainment value at this smaller size, but it’s a still a gripping, action-packed work, written by Mitchel Scanlon and drawn primarily by the Sharp Brothers.

— Andy Richardson

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Graphic novel; B&W; ca. 2005Mitchel ScanlonMichael Perkins, Anthony Williams, Sharp Brothers, John Stokse