Iron Man: Fatal Frontier

 IMFF   (Marvel, 2014)

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The moon has declared war on Earth! After stopping a missile aimed at Hollywood, Iron Man travels to the moon to investigate, and clashes with the robotic Udarnik and his moon-based society! And when Iron Manís old foe Endotherm attacks, Tony realizes a new moon element called Phlogistone drives those who use it insane. But what is Cortex Incorporated hiding from Iron Man, and is Tony at risk of losing his mind? Tonyís old mentor Eli Warren has abused Extremis in his desperate search for Phlogistone, and now Dr. Doom has joined the hunt! How far will Iron Man go to stop the spread of the new element?

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#1 Hardcover

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Hardcover; Collecting Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic #1-13Kieron GillenLan Medina