James Bond: Permission to Die

 JBPD   (Eclipse, 1991)

™ and ©1989 Mike Grell, Acme, and Gildrose Publications, Inc.

Mike Grell brings back the world’s most famous spy in this action-packed two-part series. A reclusive scientist has discovered a means for launching satellites into space for a tiny fraction of the cost of a conventional spaceshot. This method could spell success for the Star Wars defense system, but the inventor has refused to deal with the military. He will, however, give the plans to the British—if they do him one small favor. He wants them to rescue his niece from behind the Iron Curtain.

Naturally, James Bond, agent 007, is called into action. In a story worthy of Ian Fleming, Grell’s 007 treks across the world and into the face of incredible danger to complete his mission. As a member of the “00” section, he has been given permission to kill for his country. “But,” he is reminded, “nobody gave you permission to die.”

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