Ultra Klutz Dreams

    (Bad Habit, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Jeff Nicholson

This title presents unrealized material prepared by creator Jeff Nicholson for the original Ultra Klutz series. These stories did not fit the original series for one reason or another and were left in script form until the opportunity presented itself to release them in some appropriate format. In issue #1, Nicholson explains in his introduction (entitled, “Why Dreams?”) that the story ideas he had accumulated seemed to pull in different directions—one more serious, the other, as he puts it, “more slapstick.”

The “Dreams” stories nearly found an outlet in a proposed weekly series, reprinting the original Ultra Klutz stories. This fell through and the stories languished in limbo until Nicholson decided to get together with Bad Habit comics and release them.

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