A Sort of Homecoming

    (Alternative, 2003)
™ and ©2002, 2003 Damon Hurd

Overlooked by many reviewers in Damon Hurd and Pedro Camello’s first book, My Uncle Jeff, was Camello’s stunning art. One reason was that Camello’s name had been accidentally left off the book. Oops!

That is no longer the case, as Hurd and Camello both get major billing in A Sort of Homecoming. This wonderfully crafted tale focuses on Owen, a man reminiscing on his life, as he travels home to upstate New York for his best friend’s funeral. Though no details are given about the best friend, David, and the consequences of his death, the impact is felt—not only through Owen—but also through phone conversations with friends. Unfortunately, sometimes those friends’ identities are unclear, as there are a lot of names to sift through, and some relationships are not explained. But at the heart of the story is Owen: alone with his thoughts of his lost friend.

So far, all of Hurd’s comic-book writing has been filled with intense emotions that have only been amplified by Camello’s art. These two have found a niche together, and they interact perfectly. Readers can only hope that they to continue to prosper, producing tales of happiness and woe in a way only they can.

— Nathan Melby

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