(Next, 1994)
™ and ©1994 A.C. Farley

Team Dragonfighters is a training cadre flying state of the art “Hornet” fighters. The real story lies in their affiliation with the top-secret “Bioneers” project. That project, led by the genetically mutated telepath Cypher Cray and bionics genius Dr. Janus Kowalski, is involved with expanding the boundaries of both biology and robotics.

So far, the project had two major creations. The first is the Bioneers themselves, a pair of genetic hybrids crossing human genes with those of a lion and amphibian (a.k.a. Garth Felis and Carmilla O’Reilly). The second is a group of “Protozoid” cyborgs named “Fearless,” “Firebrand,” “Forward Alert Recon,” and “Fumigator” (they answer to “Fe,” “Fi,” “Fo,” and “Fum” respectively). These were giant cyborgs designed to carry out lifesaving missions. These were joined by a fifth member when Jean “Bandit” Flint, a Dragonfighter pilot, was transferred into one to save her life after a terrible crash.

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1st Appearance of Bioneers