The Art of Greg Horn

 AOGQ   (Image, 2004)

ô and © 2004 Greg Horn

When the very short list of great comics painters is eventually compiled, Greg H. is sure to be on it. And, while Hildebrandt will no doubt find his place, in this case, we mean Horn. This beautiful volume collects a staggering representation of Hornís workówith examples from Emma Frost, Elektra, Marville, and Namor, among many others. Copious art from various comics and gaming magazines are also included, as are a wide variety of advertising pieces.

While Spider-Man and Wolverine are well represented, one of Hornís strongest suits is painting beautiful women, usually not over-dressed. The difference between Hornís body of work and that in numerous swimsuit and lingerie comics is that, outfits notwithstanding, Hornís women are not tawdry; they are strong characters who command respect. One canít fault the inclusion of Hornís own property, J.U.D.G.E., but it is really one of the less compelling chapters. A package such as this is often for the already committed fan. In this instance, the power of the art will take newcomers and turn them into die-hard devotees.

ó Jack Abramowitz

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